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Job Role

Telecom Centre of Excellence for state-of-the-art-integrated hub has been setup in collaboration with Telecom Sector of Skill Council (TSSC).

 Key Job Role Include:

Broadband Technician

Broadband Technician is responsible for installation, configuration and testing of CPE (modem, routers and switches) for broadband access. He also establishes connectivity between CPE and end-user device (CPU, Laptop, tablets, Smart/IP TV etc.) at customer premises and carries out basic trouble-shooting for identifying, localizing & rectifying cable, connectivity and equipment fault in coordination with NOC.

Optical Fiber Technician

Optical fibre technician is responsible for maintaining uptime and quality of the network segment (both optical media & equipment) assigned to him by undertaking periodic preventive maintenance activities and ensuring effective fault management in case of fault occurrence. He is also required to coordinate activities for installation and commissioning of Optical Fibre Cable (OFC) as per the route plan.

Optical Fiber Splicer

Optical fibre splicer is responsible for ensuring efficient splicing of the optical fibre cables and supports in optical fibre installation and in carrying out fibre testing using Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) and power meter.

Network Engineer

Network Engineer is responsible for establishing network infrastructure. Carry out preventive maintenance of the network by ensuring connectivity is always maintained & is error and loop free. Person should be able to perform corrective maintenance & troubleshooting during network failure.

Telecom Technician - IoT Devices/Systems (Installation & M2M Communication Setup)

IoT installation and service technician is responsible for onsite installation of IoT devices, their configuration and establishing device communication as per the required protocol.

Outside plant fiber installation, testing and commissioning supervisor

OSP Installation, testing and commissioning supervisor is responsible for on-site optical fiber installation activities and is expected to adhere to the best practices for optical splicing, testing and safety compliances/measures on the field